The Peeper Corp.

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The Peeper Corp., Ltd.


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In 1986, with a little more than $67.00 dollars, The Peeper Corporation was created. In the beginning we had one customer for one day. Years later, we have serviced thousands of customers. Together, we have proudly served the great State of Texas for eighteen years. Lydia and I enjoy servicing customers as a team and look forward to many happy days providing a spot free service for our fellow Texans.

We strive to offer the very best in commercial and residential window cleaning while servicing our customers' complete needs. We have always enjoyed the fact that we treat our customers like family and we enjoy creating that special sparkle for their business or home.

We have always thought that if you find a job that you really like.... you will never work another day in your life; rather, you will spend each day in realizing your dreams.

God continues to bless our business and we promised Him that once He taught us to make a decent living washing windows, we would honor Him by teaching others and presenting all aspects of our business in a true Christian manner. God has kept His promise and we try daily to keep ours.

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The Peeper Corp., Ltd.
Phone: (254) 559-5566

2307 Sha Lane
Breckenridge, Tx  76424

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